steel finishes

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Self colour steel:

Self colour steel is the member which hasn’t been treated after it has been formed or casted. Steel is an oxidising material which will over time corroid.
It is essential that you protect the steels before it is Installed on site. We can supply steel self colour But would recommend that you request that it is painted before deliver or purchase the correct primer And prime it your self before install.

Primed steel:

The technique of Priming uses a paint rich in zinc phosphate, which is applied to the steel, and which provides an active corrosion resistant coat. To be sure this method will protect your steel, the paint needs to be applied at an optimum thickness of 150 microns depending on the spec. Steels are painted using a spray machine with a thickness of 100/150 microns the steel should remain rust resistant.

Galvanised steel:

Galvanised steel is a process of coating steel using zinc. steels are dipped inti a bath of molten zinc.
Galvanising is an important part of steel fabrication when the steel is going to be used in an external or damp environment. This would be outside, or even in the walls of a house where it is likely to be moist for a lot of the time.
Typically you can get 60 years Guarantee on galvanised steel depending what area you live in.