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Cross Beam:

Is a structure with two beams bolted together.
This arrangement is mostly seen with one larger beam supporting Existing gable of a house some times with a bearing plate on top to support two layers of brick on existing wall and a smaller beam supporting an internal wall.
In the House. Most of the time the beam would support one brick thickness either 100mm Or 140mm

Two Main beams with a Tie beam:

This kind of structure is seen a lot when extending the rear of your house. There would be a large beam supporting the existing wall on gable end of the house. Another beam sat on a padstone at rear of the new extened part of the house forming a opening for a Bi folding door or Sliding door.

Goal Post :

This kind of structure is seen a lot when forming openings to increase room sizes or create an opening for a sliding door and Bi Folding door. The horizontal beam will more than likely have a 260/300mm wide top plate or a 260/300mm wide bottom plate welded to the beam to support any brick work above.

Goal Post with internal tie beam:

This structure is normally used when forming an opening for a sliding Or Bi Folding door the internal beam would run into the existing beams Sat on a pad stone. The beam would support a wall or existing timber joists Supporting the floor floor.

Cranked shaped steel work:

Steels structures like this are used to form the shap of a roof. This type of structure enables you to create rooms In the roof area of a building.

Corner steels with supporting post:

Frames like this are normally used when you want to install A door and window at the corner of a structure. The Beams normally Have a bearing plate to support the external brick work on the building.


This structure is typically used when extending the back of
Your house. You will typically need a goal post to support the
existing wall above. The second goal post would be on
the new extended part of the house. This would form the new opening For a Bi Fold door or sliding door etc.
The tie beam between the goal posts is a support beam for floor joists on the
new part of the extension


This structure is typically used when large openings are being formed
For Bi fold doors. The beams are typically 6 meters plus. The weight and size of the steel would be large and heavy in some cases weigh 1.6 ton. The internal column Would need to support the tie beam. The tie beam would support the existing brick above when the wall has been knocked through at ground floor level to create more space.

Fabricated beams.

A lot of beams and sections on House extensions are supplied as isolated items. At Manchester Steel Supplies we can fabricate & paint isolated beams as shown normally within 24 to 48 hours.

Some beams require top bearing plates to support two skin of brick on a knock through. Double beams bolted together for knock through supporting two skin of brick.

Beams with bearing plates are normally installed over Bi fold doors. The plates supports the new brick work above the door.